How to get from Santa Cruz to Las Teresitas

Playa de las Teresitas  is accessed from Santa Cruz taking Avenida Marítima direction San Andrés. Always in parallel to the coast, continue along the road TF11 to the fishing village of San Andres, 7 kilometers from the center of the capital. Arriving at San Andrés, avoid the roundabout and follow straight parallel to the sea from where you start to see Las Teresitas. Continue along the road until you reach a traffic light with a detour to the right and take it, you've arrived to Playa de las Teresitas.

By car

Driving from the center of Santa Cruz in Las Teresitas by car, except for a traffic problem, should not take more than 15-20 minutes. This time may increase in summer, especially public holidays and weekends, which increases the number of vehicles and traffic is slowed down. These days it may be difficult accessing to the beach and parking. The rest of the year, most of 1000 free parking spaces make that parking in Las Teresitas does not involve any problem and in both directions, you will find gas stations. It is important to be careful and respect the safety distance with riders which can be found along the route.

By bus

The bus service TITSA from Santa Cruz to Las Teresitas is an option chosen by many of the beach users. It would be ideal that even more people would chose the bus as an alternative to the car;  this way everyone would help to reduce the traffic congestion which makes it a bit trickier meeting established schedules during the summer months.

Line 910 ( Exchanger - San Andrés - Playa de  Las Teresitas) departs every 10-15 minutes from Santa Cruz exchanger (bus station), located on Avenida Tres de Mayo. Other available stop at Santa Cruz center are: Avenida Marítima, Plaza de España, Avda. Francisco La Roche and Avda. Anaga. Price is 1.25 €. If you are going to travel regularly, you can buy at kiosk or bus stations bonds of 7.50 €, 15 € or 25 € which make the journey costs us 0.75 €.

Arriving at our destination, the bus will leave us at the stop at the beach beginning, Access 1. In order to come back, you can exit from the same Access 1 or at the stop in the town of San Andrés.

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Another way to go to Las Teresitas is to using the taxi service. Among its advantages is the direct journahy without stops and being not subject to schedules. Santa Cruz taxis abound and have a reasonable price. There are multiple taxi stops at the city center as for example, in Calle del Pilar, Plaza de España, Calle Méndez Núñez, or for those arriving in Santa Cruz in guagua ( bus ), the exchanger.

The price from the center of Santa Cruz to Playa de las Teresitas is usually between 12 € and 14 € per journey, including a flag drop of 3.15 € on labour days, and of 3.45 € on holiday days and  nights. In order to come back, you can find taxi stops at Las Teresitas, at the beginning of the beach, or at San Andrés, although at those stops, taxis usually taxis do not abound. Another option can be arranging a pick up hour with the same taxi which brought us to the beach, or calling a radio taxi service.


Riding (alternative transport to the car everytime gaining more followers) from Santa Cruz to Las Teresitas, is a classic route for pedal lovers which goes parallel to the sea. Taking out bicycle lane opposite the Auditorium Adam Martin, is a journey of approximately 20 kilometers going and coming back. The tour always takes place in plain, and although is not too much demanding, you should take into account that there are not shadow areas. During the journey we have to pay attention to pedestrians, walking or running. Although there are several projects for its improvement, currently bike reaches María Jiménez district. From this point, trail is a little peculiar, since it runs along a sidewalk without signaling. For those who opt to make the journey along the road, it is important to pay attention to the circulation and take all the necessary safety measures. Arriving at the beach, cyclists are part of the usual stamp in the parking area


If we opted to go walking to las Teresitas, we should know that the distance between the city center and the beach is of approximately 7 km. Although it depends on our fitness and pace, on average we will approximately last 1 hour and 30 minutes each way. Taking as its point of departure the maritime station of the Avenida Francisco La Roche (popularly known as Avenida de Anaga) and leaving behind the Plaza de España, we will walk through an easy-to-enjoy route, which runs always in plain and parallel to the sea. It is important to protect us from the sun and to hydrate ourselves well, since it is a path that has no shadow. If we feel tired during the walk or decide to stop for any reason, we have the chance of finishing the route in bus (line 910), using the stops that we find along the way. There are also free-to-use gym machines during the journey. Almost reaching San Andrés you will begin seeing Las Teresitas, where you can enjoy a well deserved bath. Before returning, you main regain strength at beach kiosks and restaurants of San Andrés, and move back on foot or using public buses or taxis.



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