Playa de Las Teresitas

Stand up paddle in Las Teresitas

Due to the tranquility of its waters, Las Teresitas is an ideal place to get started in this funny sport ever gaining more followers. Suitable for all audiences, the SUP is perfect to explore the beach waters and enjoy its landscape while we get in shape, develop our balance and learn the techniques of rowing and spin.


  • If you don't have any experience in this sport, the most recommended is going to a school which teaches courses in SUP. Thus we will obtain the necessary basic knowledge on safety in the water, position on the table, the proper rowing technique and the best suited material to start.
  • Before beginning to row you must know the sea state and follow the lifeguards recommendations.
  • Respect the emergency boats entrance beacons.
  • In order to avoid injuries it's important to do warm-up exercises oriented mainly to stretch the more involved muscles (shoulders, arms and quadriceps). At the end, it's also important not forgetting to stretch.
  • The row we use must have the length and size that best suits our physical form and ability for rowing. A good way to calculate the length of the row is that this must correspond to the extent of our flat-rate arm.
  • Rowing must perform a movement of the torso to the arms, as well as keeping the straight back to avoid injury. Look to the horizon is a good practice to maintain the correct position.
  • Although Las Teresitas waters are usually calm and without waves, leash (belt) is recommended; in this way in case of fall can retrieve easily the table.
  • Don't go alone, a group is much more fun and safe.
  • Is a sport in which balance is so important, falls are asssured. In order to avoid falling near the table and hit us with it, it's important learning how to control the way in which we fall; practice will be our ally.
  • Finally, don't forget to protect yourself from the sun radiation.